Book Review-Lucia, Lucia


This review is a little out of order but I wanted to post the most recent review in November first.

Adriana Trigiani is one of our favorite authors. Several of us have read this book before and this is the second time that all members gave this book a perfect 5-star review. This book follows Lucia Sartori, a 25-year old seamstress from Greenwich Village. She is a “career” woman in the 1950’s when that was often frowned upon. This story follows her struggle between what society and her old school Italian family expects of a woman and her desire to be self-sufficient and pursue the career that makes her so happy.

It is charming and touching. Adriana Trigiani is such a vivid author. We all felt we lived this book right along with the characters. We all give this novel a very enthusiastic thumbs up.

This was our October read so along with our book discussion we had our yearly spaghetti dinner. Always one of our favorite meetings of the year.

Final Thoughts: An EXTREMELY nice book recommendation.


Halloween Spaghetti Dinner


Book Review-The Life We Bury


We recently had our November book club meeting.  We love to have fun with our monthly photo so I made everyone pilgrim hats!

Our hostess made us a full turkey dinner.  it was absolutely delicious.  After dinner we had our book discussion. We always discuss our book.

We read The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens . We gave the book a collective rating of 4.25 stars out of 5. Most of us really enjoyed it from the start.

It’s somewhat of a murder-mystery thriller. A college student, Joe,is assigned a writing project that leads him to a terminally ill veteran who served thirty years for murder.  The story ends up enveloping Joe’s life. We won’t say more but we do recommend the novel.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Final thoughts from us: A very nice book recomendation.

Book Review-When We Meet Again


We are suckers for a great book cover, and we are really sold when we get the title on a daily Kindle deal on Amazon. We were able to download this for $2.99 one day and off we went. This was our September, 2016 read. When we look at this cover we see Drew Barrymore back in time.

We gave this book a collective rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. We’ve been so lucky with our book title choices overall. This book is beautiful and heartbreaking. We also learned about some American history that occurred with German POW’s that were sent to live in the United States during the second world war. We never knew this had occurred.

This is a romance worthy of Rose and Jack from the Titanic movie. The story is told in modern day by Emily as she learns about the tragic love story of her grandparents. It is quite complex so we won’t spoil any of the details but we all loved the story. Some were brought to tears.

If you like to be swept back into the World War II era and you like your heartstrings to be tugged, than you’ll love this book.

Final thoughts from us: A very NICE book club recommendation


Book Battle 3-The Sound of Gravel vs. Golden State



We are putting our books to battle after we read them. Each time we finish a book we vote to see which book is our favorite. The previous “winner” is challenged by the book we just finished.  In December, we will post our favorite read of the year. Ties are allowed so maybe more than one will reign supreme.

This one was no contest. Even though we really enjoyed both of these titles,  ALL votes unanimously  went to one!

The winner of book battle 3 is:


The Sound of Gravel

Consecutive wins for this title: 3

Book Review-Golden State


We won this book from BookMovement The author wrote us a note that over 600 book  clubs had entered the giveaway and WE WON! What a thrill! This was our July, 2016 book club read.

We gave this book a collective 4.6 out of 5 star rating. This book deals with the fallout of the entire family when a family member is accused of a horrific act. If you read it, you will immediately notice the parallels of a real life story that happened in the nineties. We’ll keep the suspense going for you.

As a group we loved that the book has very short chapters. A few members found the book wordy but agreed that it moved along probably because of the quick to read chapters. Another member stated: “It kept my interest the entire time.” Depending on what we could relate to, we reacted favorably or unfavorably to certain characters.

We were thrilled to have won these beautiful hard cover books and were overjoyed that we all enjoyed the book. Just today, we were told our club won another Book Movement giveaway so we will be reviewing our new book as soon as we get to read it.

Final thoughts from us: A VERY NICE book club recommendation


Book Battle 2-The Sound of Gravel vs. Hope In Every Raindrop


We are putting our books to battle after we read them. Each time we finish a book we vote to see which book is our favorite. The previous “winner” is challenged by the book we just finished.  In December, we will post our favorite read of the year. Ties are allowed so maybe more than one will reign supreme.

The winner of book battle 2 is:


The Sound of Gravel

consecutive wins for this title: 2

Book Club Review-Hope In Every Raindrop


“There is hope all around us-in every breath, in every raindrop.”

We downloaded this book for free from Amazon. We check the free Kindle downloads every day.This was our third read for 2016 for the month of May.

This book was very sweet. It is about a young 21 year old reporter named Kate that is having a hard time finding a story to write. She picks a place on a map and she ends up in a tiny town called Bishopville, South Carolina.

There is a man and his nephew who raise a very rare breed of dogs, and Kate decides the dogs will be her next story. Not everyone makes it easy for her to get the information she needs to make her story become a reality.

There isn’t much more to tell because the story is long on sweetness but short on content. The description of the book basically tells the entire story. Every one of us said while it was an easy read, we were left “wanting more.” We were all a little perplexed about something that happened at the very end. It wasn’t explained well, and we weren’t sure if it happened or not.

We gave it a collective rating of 3.6 stars but a lot of individual 4 star ratings because it was a quick and easy read. This was the first book we chose that did not have enough substance to have a good “talk” about.  We were only able to come up with a few minutes of discussion so this month turned into a “girl’s night out” of laughing and talking. We won’t complain about that!

Final thoughts from us: Nice individual read, Not so nice for a book club pick